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Why Biotechnology ?

The world has come to a sudden halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone has raised their hope to medical consultants. And not just doctors, people are looking forward to biotechnology specialists to bring their life back to normalcy.

Modern biotechnology provides products and technology to combat rare diseases, reduce our environmental footprint, feed the hungry, use cleaner energy and have safer industrial manufacturing processes. These are just a sampling. Another recent example? The race to produce the coronavirus vaccines in one year when it usually takes between 10 to 15 years.

High Demand Field

  • For 2022 the total global pharmaceutical market was estimated at 1.48 trillion U.S. dollars (1,50,000 crores in INR).

  • About 66% of U.S. adults take prescription drugs (Health Policy Institute, 2021).

  • About 35% of Australians take prescription medicine every day (Health Direct, 2018). 

  • More than 26% of UK adults take prescription medications (Public Health England, 2020). 

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Career Opportunity Fields

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Why Taylor's University ?

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